Hi, everyone. First of all welcome. If you got here because of a friend you should know a little bit about us already, and if you haven’t heard who or “what” we are, here is what you all need to know.

So, we are two women from different generations and with great knowledge about relationships. Our lives has shown us two different sides of what love is and even though is not what you may dream about, it could be. Here is a place to discuss your feelings, doubts and concerns about your love life. Of course it includes intimacy. You could talk privately or publish a comment and you will receive a respond to help you fix or improve your relationship. We are not experts but since we have so many friends that we had help along the way we decided that they might be lots of others “friends” out there who really need an advice for a hardworking job like it is finding happiness in a relationship.

It is an honor for us to get to know and help people. We don’t take sides when it comes to give advice because we have a motto that says: “A relationship is of  two and only for two”. By that we mean that only two people know what happens between them. But because we understand sometimes you just can’t do it alone, we help. And with that help you decide, (based on what you know about your relationship with the other person NOT only you), what to do.

You can talk to both of us or only one.

My name is Marianne I am in my mid-twenties; I am the sweet girl with the broken heart and the positive attitude about it. I believe in real love, happiness and the work that you have to put into it. The advice I give is based in how things had change since 2000 and the “modern couple” of 2011.
In the other side is my mom, Diane. She is a hardworking divorcé, in her forties, who has learned so many things that taught her the secret to an “almost-perfect relationship”. She has touched the lives of many and hopes to continue doing it. She is the one with two feet on the ground. Diane believes in love and her story is just, AMAZING (She’ll tell you later).

Get to know us better, just ask.

Come, we invite you to enjoy a friendly coffee with us, by the magic of internet, (and of course blogging!) so you can find a solution to ANY problem that involves love, friendship and intimacy in your life.




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