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1+1 is not 3.


Have you realized the importance of trust in a romantic relationship or any relationship at all?

We live in a world that compromise is just not a word use often. People get married with the idea of rose petals and morning-glory. We make an idea in our heads called: “expectations”, which are a true killer of any relationship. Life may seem unfair because even thought we’re able to have what we want sometimes is not enough. It happens often between two people the more they expect the less they receive. When you make an expectation and that person does the same you’re left with a bad break up, chocolate ice cream and lots of regret. Why? Because you were ungrateful and wanted more. No one in this life is going to be what you want but as much as it can be worst, it can be better.

Face it; we want someone just like us. That cares like we do, that thinks like we do. And most importantly, that loves the way we do. Sorry, but that’s not going to happen. If you think like that, prepare to be disappointed.
The same way we expect all those things we expect trust without thinking trust is something that is earn. My aunt (Diane’s) use to say: “Too much faith in someone is opening the doors to a lot of misfortune.” She thinks that giving a person too much trust is a complete mistake. But I have learned that if someone breaks that trust is that person’s loss not yours.

Now is up to you, if your partner was unfaithful and asked for a second chance, will you start over? Why or why not? Is it the treason? The heart-breaking pain? The behind your back? The fear to end up alone? The divorce? The love? The social judgment? The strength to move on? If you decided to forgive that person and consider continuing, because you know that it is worth it, remember: A relationship is of two. Of two people who love, care, cherish, trust, and admire one another. And in order for it to be successful it needs the hard work of both.

We understand that happy endings seem like fairy tales but we know that they can be somehow true. Ask yourself, why did you fall in love in the first place? There must still be a little bit of that somewhere. Then fight and try, believe in second chances. And if it is broken without a fix then learn from it. Life is a battle in which we learn even after a few knock outs. Just do something about it, do what you already think is the right choice. I read once that love keeps no record of wrongs (Corinthians 1, 5) and I believe love is that, how you forgive and move on of the past WITH the other person. Look inside you, figure out what you BOTH want and try. Trust was broken? Then get a band-aid if you both are up for it.

Now tell us: If you made a mistake will you like that second chance?


Hi, Hola, Bonjour.


Welcome everyone,
Our first blog will be about Fidelity.
We want to see what are your concerns and opinions in that area “On demand”.
For now visit our “Who are we?” page and start writing.
We are really looking foward to this new project.
Hope to talk real soon.

With love sincerely,
Diane & Marianne.